10 Kid-Friendly Valentine Gift Ideas From The Heart

Taking a day trip to a spa is a lovely way to celebrate the holiday. You can sign up for his and her body massages as well as other treatments you both enjoy. Of course you can also split up and get a mud wrap while she’s getting her nails done.

Add a Valentines Day related headline in your flyer. Create a headline that goes with the holiday and make sure you keep your business name at the bottom of the flyer with all your other contact information. This way people focus on your message and the benefits of your special event. Try not to spend all month thinking of the best headline in the world. Even a traditional headline like valentines day quotes will work if you have a hard time thinking of something sharp.

Add a little cranberry juice or red food colouring to your children’s apple juice and drop in some ice cubes made of the same liquid. Toss a few cinnamon hearts into each ice cube section before you put the mixture into the freezer. Or simply add a few cinnamon hearts to a bowl of apple sauce.

Sometimes preparing a home-cooked meal and playing board games by the fire is the most romantic option of ways to spend time together. No interruptions, no line-ups, no reservations, just the two of you in the comfort of your home and each other’s arms.

Don’t harass and pester your wife – You might notice that your wife is not in a very good mood and is not telling you what’s wrong. My advice is that you don’t make matters worst by asking her over and over again “what’s wrong” or “what did I do now”. Your wife probably thinks you should know what’s wrong so why not leave her alone and focus on fixing your marriage and not try to fix or analyze her.

Make up your favorite brownie recipe but instead of cutting into small squares cut into hearts. Enjoy all the little leftover pieces yourself – I won’t tell.

Cinema Tickets, Theatre Tickets or Concert Tickets. Depending on his interests you can add tickets to any of his favourite past times to share together.

This bold, but simple graphic has a giant red heart surrounded by the “happy valentines” wish. The text is in black and outlined in white. The entire graphic is outlined in a thick sparkling silver.

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