Amazing Dubai Dhow Cruise And Desert Safari

Aptly named the Shergarh, the land that is synonymous with strength, valour and courage, it is home to one of the most unforgiving landscapes. Evocative tales of a Rajput’s valour and courage are a part of the Indian Folklore.

Drive on a half asphalt / half of road towards the incredible White Desert. On the way we will stop at the Black and Crystal Mountain. Sunset at the white desert.

If you prefer land-based activities, you will be spoilt for choice, too. There’s tennis, squash, mini-golf, go-karting, paintballing, horse-riding, biking etc. You can also enjoy a game of golf in El Gouna, as it boasts a lovely 18-hole championship golf course!

We all know that we are living a peaceful life and soon we will die as well. But without thinking about destiny we need to stay happy and to make other happy. People are growing by the time, they are getting to know about the fact that happiness is the best tool to live a perfect life. You will automatically grow happiness as your mind and thinking gets expand.It’s difficult to understand that how to make your life tension free, we search around for things that can make us happy but at the end we stay unsatisfied. We don’t know what makes us happy, but there times comes when you get to know that what are your interest and likes.The best way to stay happy is to tour every country once a year so that you keep fresh and up to date, like going on desert safari Dubai is amazing.

When you are in Dubai, you would definitely love to move around and see the sights. But moving around in Taxis is a costly choice and can squeeze your budget for other activities. Hiring a car with driver can be a best option. If you have international driving licence; you can hire a vehicle without driver as well.

Miles away from all the urban chaos, with dunes lining the horizon as far as the eye can see. The beauty of this stark landscape is breath-taking. The desert camp is the brain child of Moti Singh Rathore, a direct descendent of the Warriors of Shergarh. He wanted Manvar to be a desert destination that showcased the local heritage but at the same time preserving the culture and the local way of life.

Dubai is a place where you can enjoy more of water based activities. Along with fun you can perform adventurous rides and have a thrilling experience. You can have a limited budget for your holidays; you can make up for Dubai. There are many hotels and places where you can get good service with reasonable rates.

Other aspect of this event is that there are many adventure sports taking place. One can opt for a desert safari or else take a hot air balloon flight. One can even opt to experience the whole affair of the fair, on a hot air balloon flight, while floating in the sky. The view from above is absolutely different than standing as a part of the crowd down below. Pack that baggage and head for the bright and sunny state of the country.

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