Desert Safari Dubai Experience Every Tourist Love To Do

Every adventurer wants to do something different and thrilling all the time. Thanks to Dubai desert that provides every adventurer a chance to come and to have fun through some thrilling activities. However, you can’t explore Dubai desert alone and you must have to contact with local tour company for booking a Dubai Desert Safari tour.

This place is ideal for families who love the sun. Hawaii has many exciting places and features that you can explore. You can also enjoy the beach and soak in the sun. There are a lot of vacation packages that you can avail of for your family but be sure to book early.

But most attractions in Dubai are located in, where else, in malls. So there is a Snow World and Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates, there is a world class skating ring in Dubai Festival City and a traditional marketplace in Madinet Jumeirah.

The sand bashing Desert safari dubai cost is unique to Dubai and the one local flavored activity that you should not miss. Lots of companies organize desert safaris. They come and pick you up from the hotel in a 4 wheel drive. Then they take you on a rocking roller coaster ride in the sand in the car itself. Eat light before the safari is the advice I have to the queasy population. The safari is followed by a “village” visit where you get to see belly dancing in a traditional set up, take photographs in the Arab clothes, apply mehendi and have a traditional dinner.

What never ends in Dubai is the quest for new places and believe it or not, one does not get tired of visiting the man made wonders and the natural sights of Dubai. Immigrants in Dubai either go for starting a business in UAE or the visit is purely recreational; for both reasons a car hire in Dubai is a must. Many UAE car rentals provide value vehicles for a nominal rent and you can enjoy the whole journey without any hassles as the fuel availability is tremendously cheap in the UAE. There are few things which should be brought into consideration before you go ahead for a car hire in Dubai.

Delicious traditional meals are provided at the durbar hall. The hall provides breath-taking views of the sunrise and sunset. Evenings entail sitting around a camp fire, with the mashaals( the Indian camp fire torches) lit up and taking in the enthralling music and dance of the local folk.

Get used to the gentle swaying motions of these nimble creatures. The safari can be a short one or last for a week. For those who are not keen on getting onto these gentle creatures, there’s the jeep safari that’ll drive you through the unglittering dunes. The evenings are spent around a campfire, listening to the local musicians and dancers. The light fades, as the shades of red and orange take over the sky and the beats of the drum fill the still air.

If you would like to buy souvenirs for people back home, then the traditional markets are the best for that. These traditional markets are called as souks and they have a variety of things that you will love. They are not very expensive and you will be able to find something for every person on your list, when you are on the city tour Abu Dhabi.

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