Forgettable Wedding Gift Ideas

Having a gift card holder at your wedding reception is vital. Without one, you can be stuck carrying and keeping track of cards throughout your reception, or worst, you could risk losing your wedding gifts.

Perfume is a lovely romantic gift from a man to a woman. Picking out fragrances for another person is not always easy, however, as it is so subjective. A good place to start when shopping for a new perfume for a gifts is to take a look through you fiancee’s current collection of scents. Write down the names and bring them with you to the department store. Most women will consistently be drawn to similar types of fragrances, whether they are fresh and sporty, rich and exotic, or light and floral. A good salesperson will be able to get a sense of your bride-to-be’s taste in scents from her current collection and should be able to guide you to a new perfume that she will absolutely adore.

Be creative when choosing the bags to welcome the guests to your wedding. For a beach wedding, use tin beach buckets with a little shovel. For a tourist town, use a cloth shopping bag. Try mini sling bags or cloth back packs for your younger guests. Browse craft and dollar stores looking for baskets, and other creative containers. Order tote bags embroidered with your names, wedding dates, or the names of the guests. To save a little money, use hand-decorated paper bags tied with pretty ribbons.

Whether you are wrapping your box or using another decoration, be sure to cover all the visible edges, making extra effort to ensure that the edges around the slit are not seen.

Many times each week I visit a blog, and want to click through to the business’s website. After staring at the screen in frustration, I realize there is no link to the business’s website from the blog. If you want results from your blog, make it easy for your visitors to take action — to go to your website and buy.

You should not have to consider the elaborate arrangements that the bride and groom have made for their wedding dinner should suggest how much you need to spend on the gift. Martha Woodham, author of “The Bride Did What?! Etiquette for the Wedding Impaired.” Says, instead, think about it this way: You’re not expected to pay for your meal at a friend’s dinner party, so why should you be expected to pay for a night of dinner and dancing at a wedding? A gift is separate from the party itself and should not be considered “the admission price to the wedding,” says Woodham.

When you select the wedding gifts or engagement gift, remember to make it meaningful for both the man and the woman. When you buy a birthday gift, you just have to consider the birthday boy or the birthday girl. But wedding gifts or engagement gifts are for both – the boy and the girl. So do not buy a cosmetic set that is too girlish; rather buy a wedding photo frame. Similarly, do not buy a men’s shaving kit as it is too manly; rather buy a personalized clock or a set of wrist watches. You can visit any of the popular gift stores online to get some stunning gift ideas.

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