Jack And Jill Party Theme: Wine And Cheese Tasting Party

All of the sites below offer free New Year’s e-cards for 2010. The only problem is these cards may end up in the recipient’s junk mail folder. I tried many sites, and they all went to that folder in my mail. Everything else was great for all of the sites listed below. All five sites listed below are free of charge to use. Another plus, there is no sign-up to use the card section.

It was Christmas Eve, 1977. My friends and I were going to Covent Garden, dressed to the nines, bright, mordant, as sophisticated as earnest money and deadly effect could make us.

The InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead is one of the most casually elegant, least pretentious hotels in the city of Atlanta. The atmosphere throughout is best described as mellow, plush and modern in terms of the decor, the music and the attitude. For years, it’s been an Atlanta favorite for live jazz on weekend evenings.

If you are celebrating Hanukkah with family members as a guest in their home this year you may want to bring something special. Here you will find a personalized Happy Hanukkah bottle filled with Chardonnay wine, remarkable or non alcoholic beverage such as sparkling grape. The bottle is decorated with a menorah on it and personalized with family name on it. This beverage costs $69.95 and you can not purchase it if you live in Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland or Michigan. This Hanukkah gift would be lovely to take to any Hanukkah dinner get together.

At 123 Greetings this adorable flash card in particular caught my eye. You have a selection of music to go along with it. When you get to the personalize section you simply put in your and the receiver’s information. There is also an option on when you want it sent up to January 29, 2010. You can also choose for the site to remember your details so the next time you want to send a card it will be easier. You can easily personalize your card, then send it on its way.

The food at Tasca Wine Bar is classically authentic Spanish as is the Wine Bar and the atmosphere. If you don’t know what to order ask the owners for suggestions as they run the restaurant. Snack on the Truffle Potato Chips while you there. The Potatoes with Chorizo is an excellent choice for dinner. Live on the edge, peruse the menu at Tasca Wine Bar, and order something that sounds delicious – because it’s all good.

The last most important thing that you will want to avoid is dressing inappropriately or not demonstrating proper manners. If you are going to a nice restaurant, you will want to wear the proper attire. Use your eating utensils properly, and try to avoid talking with your food in your mouth. Practicing good etiquette beforehand can also go a long way.

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