Lost Luggage: What To Do When Airlines Lose Your Luggage (Other Than Losing Your Cool)

Packing is a big deal when you travel. It should be well planned so that we can carry as many things as we required. If we pack our things well organized, we can avoid carrying too many bags. As the luggage increases, your responsibility of monitoring your luggage will also increase. Hence, I would like to give you few tips how wisely you can arrange your things and carry a compact luggage. I have listed out these tips based on my traveling experience and I hope it helps all type of travellers.

Look out for all-you-can-eat buffets and lunch time specials as these represent great value for money. The menu and size of the portions are often the same as that offered for dinner but will cost you around half the price.

At all times try to look and act confident even if you do not feel that you are. You are less likely to be hassled if you seem alert, look like you know where you are going and do not appear vulnerable.

If you are shaking your head in disbelief reading this, don’t, because it’s NORMAL. It happens all the time. Accidents, mishaps happen, it’s part of life. What is NOT normal though, is to not receive compensation for the things where you SHOULD be receiving, because it is in your right!

Always keep your baggage ID stubs! When you check in at the ticketing counter to get your boarding passes and check your bags, the agent will print out two stickers for your bag with a unique alphanumeric code. One sticker goes on the bag and the stub is given to you. This is a crucial piece of identification information when it comes to finding your lost kraft paper tags. Put it somewhere where you will not accidentally throw it away.

In this museum, you can see every aspect of Stalin’s life, from his boyhood to when he was the Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. There are many historic artifacts in the museum. Furthermore, on the museum grounds you can visit the house where Stalin was born and grew up as well as the railway wagon that carried Stalin and his apparachiks to the Potsdam conference that decided how to divide Germany at the end of the war.

If you follow these rules you should not have any problems. Also keep in mind that the taking of pictures or videos inside churches is strictly forbidden unless the lead priest gives you his blessing to do so. While visiting churches in Georgia, you should be quiet and speak softly. Try not to visit the churches when services are going on.

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Lost Luggage: What To Do When Airlines Lose Your Luggage (Other Than Losing Your Cool)

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