Relationship Tips For Women – How To Keep Him Wanting You

When you are tempted to just wallow in despair because of all your problems and frustrations you can just choose to think differently. You can choose to be in the mode of learning from your mistakes – how to see the bright side.

The unfortunate ugly truth is this: When you’re a man served with Family Court papers, your soon to be ex is not “your best friend” nor does she need to be rescued from her perspective. If you don’t understand that and you try to “rescue” her, you could find yourself facing a restraining order.

That best friend that is always bragging about her perfect boyfriend can actually be a fantastic asset to you if you’re trying to get your guy back. One crucial mistake that almost every cuddle buddy after her break up is she puts all her cards on the table. She lets her ex boyfriend know that she’s his for the taking if he wants her. In fact, she may even go so far as to beg him to take her back. Think just for a moment about how unappealing that must seem to your ex. Instead of throwing yourself at his feet, create some distance between the two of you. Utilize your friend for that. Get her to hang out with you more so you focus on your ex less. Not chasing after him should be the one rule you always follow if you’re intent on getting him back.

Going from hanging in the hood to performing comedy on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show,” not to mention the privilege of afterward being invited to take a seat on the “couch” which not many comics are asked to do, has been a long and fulfilling journey for Corey Holcomb. Corey’s comedy genius transcends class and racial divides. If you understand English, Corey’s humor will tickle your funny bone. People all over the world can relate to the drama of trying to make a relationship work. According to Corey, a “hunter” (man) being captured by his “prey” (woman) makes for the best comedy ever.

A woman will break up with a guy and stay broken up with him for one reason and one reason only. That reason is that you weren’t giving her what she needed emotionally to stay attached or connected to you. While you may have really messed up and done something that even you would admit is almost unforgivable, the real reason why she hasn’t come back to you yet has everything to do with her emotions and nothing to do with the reasons that she gave you.

Let’s decode this male psychology and understand why men lose interest so rapidly in an exceptional woman such as this. She’s attractive, she’s successful, intelligent, and she’s friendly and considerate to people of all ages. This lady is a sure bet to get any guy’s attention. There’s never a shortage of first and second date guys, but then these men begin to withdraw. It’s difficult to understand, as she is always there for them, always answering their phone calls, and buying them thoughtful little gifts. What man wouldn’t want that? Actually, the vast majority of men would prefer not to stay involved with this woman.

Then the ending comes along in a much too fast pow in your face type of way, and it manages to make this flick even more terrible than it had to be, and when I say terrible I don’t mean in a scary, oh my God I cannot believe that happened, kind of way. I mean so awfully terrible that you wish you never even watched the flick to begin with.

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Relationship Tips For Women – How To Keep Him Wanting You

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