Shoestring Marketing – Without Video, You Are Lost In Cyberspace

I think it is important to have the big picture in mind before starting to devise a plan to generate traffic to any website. Why? Because not all websites are the same. One traffic generating method can only work with certain types of websites and another method can only work with other types of websites.

Final step is uploading the video to YouTube. You can create your own video channel if you want to upload more videos if do not want to upload more video then just upload your first video and save the URL.

You must also cover the first moments on the church step where the happy couple cuddle and canoodle in contemplation of the weeks ahead. With two of you filming this is not a great bother. With just one it requires some pretty nifty footwork, especially as the stills photographer will be charging around and, quite rightly, demanding preference and right of way.

Website directories: – these are directories that organize websites in categories which makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. Even though all will let you submit your link for free, a lot of them offer a “premium” listing for a fee which is worth paying if they have high search engine ranking.

A site that allows you to create a screen capture tutorial is Free Screencasts dot com. You can also get a download of Camtasia to start capturing screenshots of your computer if you cater to the Internet marketing niche or PC niche. If you’re in other niches, grab a camcorder and upload your video to your computer, then use a free copy of Windows camera operator in italy to edit your video.

BUT! If I’m already on your list, don’t make me sign up again. If your system can’t figure out that I’m on the list already, you need a better system.

During the ceremony position the video camera, if you can, so that you are at the side of the altar (a generic term in the sense it is used here) and can get some view of the faces of the couple as the ceremony progresses. Priests (ministers, celebrants, what have you) have this funny idea that their churches are places of worship and not video studios. Check with them what is allowed and what is not.

The best sites to submit your videos online are undoubtedly YouTube, MetaCafe, MySpace Videos, DailyMotion and Google Video. Now here’s a site that really makes it easy for you to submit your videos to dozens of video sharing sites: Tube Mogul dot com. It only takes less than 5 minutes to submit your work to all the popular sites.

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Shoestring Marketing – Without Video, You Are Lost In Cyberspace

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