Web Marketing Tips – 4 Top List Building Tips For Newbies

PPC advertising is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website instantly. This beats having to wait for your search engine rankings to increase in the case of SEO. And for those that don’t want to write articles, PPC is very appealing as it involves less writing.

But there’s also a cost involved with your time floundering around, getting frustrated and getting things wrong. Maybe quite spectacularly wrong, like the guy I met a few years ago who had just renewed some $20,000 of domains a couple of days before Google decided they didn’t want to let him display their adverts any longer. Which meant the projected doubling or tripling of his expenditure didn’t happen – the domains were effectively worthless after Google’s computer made that decision, untouched by human hand.

Think about it like this. It’s like driving across the U.S. without mapping out a plan. You’ll (probably) eventually make it but will take more time and you’ll spend more money than if you would have put together a well thought out plan.

By publishing your own RSS feeds and using the right keywords, you will attract more interest from the search engines – which is always a good thing, since it will lead to more organic traffic. There are also RSS directories which will help get your feeds out to many people who are wary to give out their email addresses.

Should there be interests in investing with the site, there should be customer service personnel to link with. Nothing beats talking to real people. If there is a person online ready to take a call or chat at any time, the site will never lose the chance to talk to real investors. At any time, these people might come due to the differences in time zone. With this idea, there should be people who will stand behind the site giving assistance giving them all the convenience.

It was an Automation Bundle Reviews expert from the UK, not a well known one I might add, that showed me a first and very effective solution to the problem of getting free advertising. Welcome to the idea of Viral Marketing!

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If you want to get more info on niches and get your hands on 30 of them that practically nobody knows about, where you can break in with little to no trouble, check out the link in my signature. I assure you, you’ve never seen anything like this anywhere.

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