Website Design – Is It For You?

Webs is a freemium service, which means you can use some of its features for free or you can upgrade for more features such as more website design selection, hosting your own domain, and more (you can get free website hosting with Webs, but it won’t be your custom domain).

You also may have pictures of your products, logos and even a picture of your staff or yourself. If not your website designer will help you by buying in some pictures and graphics to fill the gaps. If you need a logo your web designer should also be able to design this for you.

Don’t use a flash intro or make people “enter” your site. You only have seconds to capture their attention. You may believe entertaining them is the way to do it, but if you’re selling something the best way to keep them there is to help them quickly realize that you have the solution to their problem. If they want to be entertained, they’ll probably go to YouTube.

If you are not quite the writer but more of a designer, freelance website developer may be right up your alley. The truth is large companies can no longer house their own web designers at all times. Instead to save money they will hire a freelancer and bring them in to get the job done. You should start setting up your portfolio with some templates or other designs you might have.

Make links descriptive. Instead of “click here”, use words or short phrases, such as “Price List”. Don’t use “Home Page” or “Contact Us” as the names of your links. Use something more descriptive, such as “XYZ Corp Home” and “Contact XYZ Corp”.

You also need to make sure that any menus are logical. Keep the number of menu options on your main page to as low a number as you can get away with. You can always use submenus to help people find the page they’re looking for.

These days, life become very busy and people do not have much time to go out and look for goods. They generally tend to buy them online through various sites. You can give offers and deals to attract them. However, you need to remember that you are not doing charity. To get a steady growth in your business it is important to earn sufficient profit. Thus, while providing any offers, make sure that you are not in loss.

Get your website designer to use these search phrases in the page in Title tags, Keyword tags, Header tags and Alt tags. While writing the content for the page make sure you use the phrase at least twice in 350 words of content. Use synonyms of the keywords.

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