How To Transform Your Garage Into A Spookadelic Haunted House

OK, most of us know that helical piers are good for foundation support and remediation. A good number of them do exactly that; it’s a perfect use. Another very common use is for new construction sites where a helical is installed to a pre-determined capacity. The building grade beam or footing is cast in place on the piers for support in poor soils.

Snow-cone Stand – Take a small 8×8 or similar size shed, add some sliding windows to the front, add some shelves, a couple of plugs, and possibly an air conditioner, and you have a quick, inexpensive, seasonal business. Best of all, it is relatively easy to relocate your business from one place to another. You can even leave the shed on a trailer and move it from place to place with ease. Set it up at baseball games, city events, football games, etc…

Temporary house – Use a storage building as a temporary home while building a new home on some land, and then use the storage building as a home office. A large storage shed can easily become an efficiency apartment without much extra expense. You can easily insulate the building and add paneling. Put up demising wall construction, add a kitchenette, and complete it with a bathroom in the corner with toilet and a stand up shower. Nothing fancy, but still enough to get by.

Cabin – Got some land that you like to spend time at on the weekends, but not enough to warrant investing to build a new cabin? A large finished out storage building can easily become a cabin with all the bare necessities. (see #7 above for further detail).

It is called the Acorn Public Library District because “Acorn” was the winning entry in a contest to name the library. Richard Kreps, then in second grade, hoped the name would suggest a library that would start small and grow big.

A couple of nights before the “Haunted Garage Party” you will need to put up the walls or maze for the haunted garage. Set up the haunts that need to be constructed. Add lighting such as black lights, and strobe lights. Blue lights work well in cemetery scenes. Scary sound tracks are also good to use.

Workshop – Have plenty of tools, but don’t ever use them because it is too much work to get them out of storage each time? You can customize a storage shed to become a workshop. That way, you can keep everything in eyesight right where you need it. You will find you use all those tools you couldn’t live without much more when they are easily accessible.

For any budget, having kid friendly furniture is necessary. Bean bag chairs for gaming, reading, or small tables for tea parties and puzzle building will work great. With a well thought out basement remodeling, a new playroom can provide children with a space of their own for years to come.

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How To Transform Your Garage Into A Spookadelic Haunted House

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