Laser Hair Removal System – Read The Facts

LHR is a very safe and effective modality for treating unwanted hair on any body part. There are 5 different types of lasers used for hair reduction of which the NdYAG laser has a US FDA approval for use in Indian skin type.

After the session, the skin in the treated area will likely be red and a little swollen. This should subside in a day or two; your doctor may give you aloe gel or anti-inflammatory creams to help during this time. You can also ice the area. In the next two to three weeks, you should notice shedding of the treated hairs. Exfoliating the treated area can help to speed up this process.

To make collecting even more challenging, some patients believe that you, the chiropractor, make enough money and that you do not need the extra $20 or $30 bucks. They claim financial hardship and proceed to drive off in their Lexus, while you are so undercapitalized that you give your practices loans to make payroll.

You didn’t stick to the treatment regimen. Your sessions are booked according to the natural growth cycle of your unwanted hair. All bioidentical hormones technology can only effectively remove hair in its active growth phase, but one patch of hair is comprised of follicles that are in this phase at different times. That’s why you need multiple sessions to get rid of all the hair in one area. When you don’t stick to your schedule and delay treatments, you won’t be able to obtain optimal results.

The ?uniqueness of you?, is one of the main factors that will dictate the cost. How many treatments does your body hair demand? How dense is the hair and how does your skin respond to the treatment? These are the other parameters that influence the price of the overall treatment.

Shaving and plucking probably need no explanation. They are effective ways of dealing with unwanted hairs. The only drawback is they have to be repeated over and over and over for a lifetime. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs, particularly in the pubic regions, but plucking can be quite painful. Plucking can also cause scarring if done over large areas of the body.

In a line, laser treatment, is a one-time solution to bodily hair problems. Some practitioners even claim that laser hair removal treatments, bring out radiance on the face. Get rid of hair and get radiant ? now that’s a good package deal ?definitely worth it!

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