Official Justin Bieber Shirts That Are A Must Have

The Ahh Bra won the 2011 and the 2012 Undie Award for Favorite Leisure Bra. But it’s not just for leisure. This comfortable bra offers all the support and the stylish shaping women wish for dress up affairs. The no seam construction won’t bulge or bunch under the tightest fashion clothing. And still it’s so comfortable many women say they enjoy wearing their Ahh Bra to bed.

What do background casting people look for? Well, they have a huge database of photos and statistics that they keep available for any emergency order. They know age, weight, height, size chart shirt, shoe size, hair color. They know the ones that are “unusual”. They know the ones who have some talent that may be showcases, such as rollerblading or strumming a guitar. There are people from all walks of life out there. If you can follow directions and fit into the wardrobe, you, too, can be an Extra.

You give in to the Sirens’ call. With your heart kicking in your throat, you enter the dragon’s den. As you negotiate your way through the isles like a brave warrior in a shiny armour fighting through the dark hordes of the Underworld, you finally get to the Mens’ section – and this is when you realise this isn’t going to be quite as easy as slaying a dragon: All items come with labels with numbers and letters. To make your life misery someone has decided to make them come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes!

With your head high, you stroll back home already savouring all the compliments you are going to get from your friends and colleagues, only to find out when you finally try them on that the clothes you so proudly marched home with, would barely fit Susan’s slender frame.

To state the obvious, if your attempt at disguising yourself as a woman is so bad you are immediately recognized as a man, you should just don a trusty ski mask and be done with it. You need to realize that a cross dressing robbery, like many jobs, requires careful preparation which should be completed prior to beginning the job. It is quite difficult to make disguise changes during the middle of a hold up. “Excuse me while I change wigs,” or “Is this lipstick my color?”, are really not good things to say while pointing a pistol at someone’s head.

The truth is, the style is secondary and really comes down to a personal preference. The primary focus when buying a shirt is to know the correct size. If you do not know what size to get, any decent department store will be able to measure you with a simple tape measure.

The Ahh Bra is specifically designed to work with all body types. From the tiniest figure to plus-sized shapes, every woman can reap the benefits of the Ahh Bra.

Jason Revilla is the co-founder of Faith & Fortune, a lifestyle apparel brand that specializes in limited edition graphic apparel. He openly acknowledges a lack of objectivity and embraces any criticism pertaining thereto.

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