Sales Jobs For Felons – Tips On Landing A High Paying Sales Felony Job

After 18 years of helping Chief Execs, Sales Managers and Sales People capitalize on their strengths and overcome weaknesses, here are my Top Five ways to Convert your good salespeople to great salespeople!

Tap into Your Creativity. It’s not uncommon to get stuck in a rut when sales are down. So, if you’re hearing, “I’m not interested,” get interesting! Think about changing your approach when interacting with customers. Stop trying to sell, and start “helping.” Talk to customers in terms of what’s important to them. Tell them about similar businesses you are helping. Think of alternative methods of developing new business. Tap into new markets and consider new ideas for advertising, marketing and promotions. Differentiate yourself from your competition. Look at what successful businesses are doing in your industry. Find out what’s working for the and figure out how you can apply what you learn and make it work for you. Bring creative ideas to your existing customers too. They’ll thank you for it.

Here are a few good tips that should help break down the barriers we face trying to listen more effectively to our prospects. Hopefully, they can help us manage our tendencies to listen passively or not listen at all. They can also help us adopt new habits and patterns of behavior leading to improved communications between us and our prospects.

Keep it brief. I once read a proposal for a how to sell insurance that spanned 24 pages. Decision makers are far too busy to read a long proposal. I understand that some proposals require a lot of information and detail, especially if you are recommending a complex solution. However, the longer your proposal the more likely it is that your prospect will skim through it and flip ahead to the investment. It is much more effective to write a short, concise proposal and provide back-up information if needed.

If they are wanting to buy but don’t go through with it, then your sales training needs to involve getting them to go ahead and buy. You can learn training methods to help you make the customer feel more at home and confident about buying. Being honest is very important; you need to build trust with your customers. It is also important to learn to pick up on the type of person you’re dealing with and what makes a person want to buy.

Become a Chameleon – Accept Changing Business Environments, and Fierce Competition. When its environment changes, the chameleon’s biological process enables it to adapt readily to its environment. Unfortunately, for human beings, it’s not quite so easy. But the longer you resist the changes that are occurring and the fact that you need to sharpen your skills, take risks, and do things differently the longer it will take for you to see sales results. You need to accept “what is,” adapt, and forge ahead.

You should be able to find a good program easily now that you know what to look for. There are many great sales training programs out there to choose from. See what other successful companies are doing who is in the same type of business as you. Discuss your goals with them if possible and see what advice they can give you. Put your employees on the right track with a new approach and reap the rewards of having a more motivated team working for you.

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Sales Jobs For Felons – Tips On Landing A High Paying Sales Felony Job

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