Where To Mine Copper Ore – Wow Tips

A guide showing what monsters to fight in order to level up quickest and most efficiently. Here’s an easy guide on how to train your combat skills in Runescape. Enjoy the tips!

Herbalism can be a good little money earner on any server as the demand for herbs is consistently high. Collect a few herbs and you’ll be able to sell them to Alchemists for a healthy return.

14 pool and 13 pool – These are the safest Zerg builds. Since they are flexible and are good in almost any situation, you can do just about anything with these builds. Get your overseer when you need it at 10 supply count. If your opponent has opened aggressively, build more Zerglings or a couple spine crawlers, if he’s playing a macro game. Grab your natural expansion and free bitcoin miner gas.

Kill everything you can at low levels, especially humanoid characters. These drop both coin and items. Collect stackable items and put up for sale in the auction house once you have a few stacks i.e. Cloth, Wool etc. Plenty of toons need these items for making everything from bandages to weapons and armour. Some players are just too lazy to mine this stuff so you are providing a service to them.

You need to expand as early as possible because you will need the extra resources. The only way to beat Protoss units is with the correct counter-unit in the correct numbers. Beyond the choice of which Zerg unit to use in battle, it all comes down to the numbers that you have at your disposal. Of course there is a great amount of skill involved as well.

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There are a lot more ways to make gold but these are some of the easiest ones you can do without needing to spend a lot of time scanning the auction house.

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