Why Your Home Needs Basement Waterproofing

Some national companies will tell you that you cannot waterproof a home from the outside. It is referred to as “positive side waterproofing”. They tell you that you should do “negative side waterproofing” or waterproofing from inside the basement. With the NCAA basketball tournament just ending this theory made me think. My basketball coach told me to stay between my man and the basket. These guys are trying to tell us to get out of the way and catch the ball as it goes through the basket. Well isn’t that too late? If I can stop the water from touching my basement wall, I can stop it from coming inside.

In case your basement or attic is infected with mold you will have to make sure you have checked all the walls out for mold traces. You will need mold and mildew removal and basement waterproofing. Your walls may have to be changed in case mold has damaged them. In case, your basement is damaged by mold you will need basement remodeling and waterproofing in Johannesburg.

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It sounds so simple, yet it’s always best to check that your fishing bivvy is made from waterproof, breathable and durable material. It’s the seams where water can find a route into your shelter so make sure the bivvy you opt for has taped seams.

What happens to your home is that usually water gains entry via poor drainage (the soil around your home can’t handle the amount of water that gets soaked up when it rains. And inferior drainage systems in the basement itself can further cause problems.

Your basement will last longer if you waterproof from the very beginning. It’s like nipping a problem in the bud. If you do not allow the problem of a leaky basement to happen, then it will not happen. And since your basement never had any leaks, you will not have to renovate or repair anything.

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